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PrimePlus Foot Massager: Pain Relief in Just 15 Minutes A Day

Say goodbye to addictive painkillers, expensive chiropractor or surgeries.

  • Enhances blood circulation and oxygen flow

  • Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness

  • Promotes relaxation and stress relief


    If you're not happy with the results, you will get your money back.


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    Your health is our #1 Concern. All of our products are medically approved.

One Small Step Towards Freedom from Foot Pain and Swelling

Enduring foot pain or swelling can be life-limiting. Enter the PrimePlus Foot Massager, a solution powered by EMS technology.

  • Provides pain relief and revitalizes feet within minutes

  • Averts the risk of chronic pain or immobility

  • Tackles pain at its root

Fun and Relaxation Combined into One!

With the PrimePlus Foot Massager, relief isn't just effective—it's also enjoyable! Delight in the relaxing tickle while your feet heal.

  • Adds an element of fun and laughter to your therapy

  • Elevates the experience of healing

  • Makes therapeutic sessions something to look forward to

A Game-Changing Innovation

Most products merely mask pain. Our solution tackles the root cause.

  • Backed by years of research and extensive testing

  • Utilizes scientifically-proven electrical stimulation and frequencies

  • Targets your Foot Pain Pathways

Say Goodbye to Swollen Calves and Ankles

Our breakthrough EMS technology encourages muscle relaxation. It sends healing electrical impulses to strained nerves.

  • Instant pain relief and enhanced tissue healing

  • Increased flexibility and reduced inflammation

  • Long-lasting relief from muscle and joint pain

An All-Round Solution for Foot and Leg Pain!

The PrimePlus Foot Massager offers a unique combination of massage and vibration. An FDA-approved Class II Medical Device.

  • Boosts blood flow and activates self-healing

  • Eradicates foot pain and rejuvenates your feet

  • Leaves you with immediate relief and contentment

Nerve Healing & Recovery

Persistent pain can lead to nerve damage. The PrimePlus Foot Massager stimulates nerves and muscles to aid recovery.

  • Targets the root of the pain

  • Strengthens and rehabilitates muscles

  • Leads to long-term relief from pain and discomfort

Customize Your Perfect Therapy Session

The PrimePlus Foot Massager has 8 modes and 19 intensity levels. Customize your therapy experience.

  • Offers a wide range of settings for personalized therapy

  • Provides flexibility in treatment

  • Enhances the effectiveness of each session

How It Works: 

Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Plug in the USB cable, once fully charged, the red light will turn off.

Step 2

Attach the control unit to the foot mat, place both feet and press the button to start.

Step 3

Enjoy the pain relief for 15min per session. Don't forget to have fun.

Everyone Loves the PrimePlus Foot Massager

Experience The Ultimate Foot Therapy at Home

4.8 | 1,727 Reviews

PrimePlus Foot Massager

  • Extremely effective for osteoarthritis

  • Activates muscle pressure, relieves discomfort

  • Adjustable massage intensity to suit capability

Got Questions? 

We Have Answers!

Is the PrimePlus Foot Massager suitable for my foot discomfort?

Foot discomfort can arise from a multitude of factors, yet the PrimePlus Foot Massager is designed to alleviate most forms of foot discomfort by enhancing blood circulation, reducing swelling, and rejuvenating your feet.

How quickly will I notice relief from my foot discomfort?

Instantaneously! The PrimePlus Foot Massager provides immediate relief from aching feet and inflamed ankles upon initial use. Regular use over two weeks can lead to lasting benefits.
What's the recommended usage duration for the PrimePlus Foot Massager?

We advise starting with two sessions of 10 minutes each day, and gradually building up to one continuous 15-minute session.

What if the PrimePlus Foot Massager doesn't work for me?
We offer a 90-day risk-free warranty with our device. We strongly believe that our device will provide relief from your foot discomfort, but in case it doesn't, please contact or call +447418358572 within 90 days of receiving the product.


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